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Bible Adventures

Bible Adventures

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Be part of Bible stories as exciting characters come to life. Help Noah bring the animals into the ark before the big storm; pretend you are David battling the giant Goliath; and help save baby Moses from the Pharaoh’s overwhelming forces.

Assisted by scores of direct quotes from the Bible, your adventure is going to be fun and educational. - Noah’s Ark – Noah is fervently preparing for the long journey. To complete the quota of animals and food for the ark you must search through multiple worlds of forests, caverns, and mountainous terrains. Interesting and unique behaviors challenge you to find a different solution to capture each type of animal.

Save Baby Moses – The Pharaoh’s soldiers are out in full force with orders to find and kill baby Moses. You must outsmart their persistent search and rescue Moses. As you progress through each level, there are more and more soldiers and obstacles to test your determination and will.

David and Goliath- As a shepherd, young David has to keep and defend his family’s flock. After you are successful in rounding up the scattered sheep, you will then face Goliath and his shield bearer. Be bold, for God is with you.

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