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Dark Messiah

Dark Messiah

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The futuristic Tokyo is a megalopolis with a huge system of underground tunnels and sewers. A rumor is heard that in this underground world hide the followers of a mysterious cult, known as the Dark Messiah. You, the hero of the game, board a subway train, and after a strange incident followed by a crash, find yourself in the midst of the underground world. You have only one goal now - to survive.

"Hellnight" is a survival horror game at heart, although it has no combat. The monsters in the game cannot be killed - you have to run away whenever you encounter one. The game is divided into large maze-like levels, each one usually populated by one monster who keeps pursuing you. At certain points you'll have companions who will distract the monster and use weapons to scare him away, thus protecting you. There are also people to talk to in the underground world, items to pick up, and puzzles to solve.

This game is known as Dark Messiah in Japan.

* Fully 3D first person environment
* Gather essential clues from various people you meet along the way
* Deep story line involving evil monsters and a dark cult
* Partner with other people you meet along the way who can help you fight the monster
* The auto-mapper builds up as you explore the sewers

Manufacturer's description:

A tension filled 3D adventure that takes you down into the depths of Tokyo's underworld.

Beneath the brightly colored streets of the city lurks a mystery involving a strange underworld cult.

Dare you unravel this dark and chilling mystery?


First person perspective.
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
SCI-FI, Horror & Mystery themes.
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