About Us

Marioshroomed is the #1 place to purchase used and refurbished retro consoles and games.  We also sell newer consoles and games like Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox 1, and Nintendo Switch.  Our main goal is to engage customers in old, ancient, RETRO video games. 

Come with us on an incredible adventure as we show you games that came from a time when a child (or adult) could zip around space blasting giant flying saucers, explore deep caverns, embark on a courageous adventure to rescue a princess, race around the world, run like the wind while grabbing mushrooms and gold coins, knocking out Mike Tyson and all his wannabe posers.

There's so many differnet ways to play video games from the past and we got enough of them to keep you busy while you eat that pallet of Cheeto's and Dorito's.  Be sure to wash your hands before reclaiming that game pad.

99% of consoles over 20 years of age are going to be used.  Some heavily and some lightly.  We take great pride in being able to dis-assemble any console and fully, thoroughly clean it out and to repair any abnormalities that may have caused a console to stop working.  Common problems found in old consoles can include,

  • Bad Pin Connector in Nintendo NES
  • Dead or leaked capacitors (in all consoles even newer ones)
  • Corrosion from being left in the elements or from having liquid spilled on it
  • Solder joints can sometimes become cracked especially if they are near a heated spot
  • Many consoles that are initially white can become yellow and brittle and need to be Retr0brited om order to restore their durability and cosmetic condition.

And with newer disc based consoles we find abnormalities like,

  • Laser failure causing a dirty lense or even a dead one, lenses that have slowed down and need their POT adjusted
  • Old capacitors, leaked capacitors
  • A faulty power supply
  • Damage to motherboard (could be many things).

With newer consoles comes even more ways to cause damage.  The most common is

  • A damaged HDMI port
  • Faulty fan, usually from dust buildup
  • Damaged CPU or APU (this is tough to fix and not always possible)