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Chase The Express

Chase The Express

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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s Japanese action-adventure game, Chase The Express was renamed Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn in the United States.

An authentic military-based real-time action-adventure game, Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn allows you to assume the role of a NATO soldier traveling on a new high-speed military train from Russia to Paris. As the lone survivor of a terrorist attack, you must rescue an ambassador and his family from a group of terrorists and defuse multiple nuclear weapons before the train reaches Paris.

Produced by Sugar and Rockets, Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn will draw you into a detailed story that unfolds and changes based on your choices and actions. As the train travels through 30 cities in 12 different countries, you will be challenged to master new skills as you jump, roll, sneak, climb and shoot your way inside and outside more than 18 multi-level train cars. Additionally, the game features 10 military weapons, multiple puzzles, three mini-games tied to the story line, seven different endings plus a bonus mode and over 50 minutes of cinematic cut scenes that unveil the twists and turns of the high-speed action-adventure.

You can use two guns at the same time, firing at different enemies if you choose. You also have the option of either using your weapon(s) or your bare fists to take out the bad guys.

Manufacturer's description:

Hop aboard for the thrill-ride of your life.

As the lone NATO soldier aboard a hijacked train, you form the thin line between peace and nuclear holocaust, armed only with your well-trained tactics - and an arsenal of military assault weapons you discover along the way. Shoot down enemy helicopters. Engage in hand-to-hand combat on the train's slippery roof. Elude high-tech traps. All while infiltrating terrorist strongholds, rescuing an ambassador, searching for clues, and defusing a bomb of apocalyptic proportions.

Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn takes you on a thrilling journey from St. Petersburg to Paris. The mission: To thwart terrorist plans to detonate a nuclear bomb in Paris while rescuing an ambassador aboard a hijacked train. This nonstop action/adventure employs real-world, 3-D architecture, environments and cinematic. You will solve puzzles, search for clues, and utilize a variety of military weapons - as danger lurks throughout. A variety of multiple endings are possible, which depend entirely on your decisions.

THE 3-D THRILL-RIDE OF YOUR LIFE. Lose yourself in a heart-pounding action/adventure that stretches across 30 different cities and 12 countries.

MULTIPLE DECISIONS. MULTIPLE OUTCOMES. Every decision becomes crucial as you change routes, engage enemies and after the outcome.

SEARCH, SOLVE AND DESTROY. Search computers and bodies to find clues: then dispose of terrorists using 10 different military weapons.


Third person perspective.
3D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Counter-terrorist theme.
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