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Fox Junction

Fox Junction

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Fox Junction is a mecha action-adventure starring a red-haired boy who pilots a robot. In the game the player has to explore the world in action sequences, uncover clues and battle enemy mecha.

The game begins when Cage (the main hero of the game) receive the visit of Tizu that tell him about tomorrow's ceremony and they decide to go there to see if the legendary hunter will appear there.

During the ceremony something happened in the town, and when the people is going to check it out, the legendary hunter appear and Cage go with him to check what happened.

The game is divided into different worlds and missions and the gameplay is about moving the character and destroy the enemies in each mission to reach a teleporter and advance to the next opened places.

Manufacturer's description:

Characters that are represented by 2D sprites, 3D space which changes the arrangement beautiful building every time you play run about.
Game content and tactics of fighting, of reasoning power is required for a big hint.
Insert a movie with the participation of well-known actors, including Junko Iwao, Shuichi Ikeda-san. Also, the player has to get hints during the game, you'll read in the name of the character voices.
I "Ancient" led by Mr. Yuzo Koshiro is responsible for the BGM. Fascinated with the music of the heart-warming trend unprocessed.


Third person perspective.
2D graphics
Cartoon graphics
SCI-FI & Medieval Fantasy themes.
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