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Himitsu Sentai Metamor V Deluxe

Himitsu Sentai Metamor V Deluxe

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Himitsu Sentai Metamoru V Deluxe is about five 10-year old girls who have mysterious super heroine powers and have to defeat bad guys in order to protect the world and earth. And when transforming, they get 7-8 years older.

This is a Japanese Adventure game, but with a big twist. Instead of choosing answers, you have to press the directional buttons to change the facial expressions of the character. Left is questionable, up is energetic and right is depressed. A really simple game even non-Japanese owners can play, as long as they follow the games mood. But it gets really boring if you don't understand a thing though, so I would not recommend it.

Also, right around the end of each "episode", there is a fighting segment. The keywords gotten in the episode gets converted into special attacks in a slot 'look alike' machine. Choose the attack, do it, and repeat. Do some wrong moves, and loosing is the only opinion for you.

Manufacturer's description:

By employing a new conversation ALIS system, you can enjoy the story to flow. Other models edition was released on April 23 will be acclaimed in professional journals, and in the top ten rankings of the reader. I think that was compatible with the Dual Shock, and accepted by more and more users are also PlayStation version, put the Special Edition of 1.5 episodes.


Third person perspective.
2D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Fantasy & Anime themes.
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