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Seirishoukan Princess of Darkness

Seirishoukan Princess of Darkness

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Seirishoukan Princess of Darkness is a classical tactical RPG game in which the story is displayed between the battles in a first person perspective. The battles are in a isometric view and the gameplay is about moving your characters in turns choosing one of the blocks of the moving range that each character have, when the players character encounter an enemy he can choose between different actions the one that he thinks that is better (attack, defend, magic, item, etc)

The game's plot is about a world divided in 2 clans the light one and the darkness one. The world is now ruled by the Devil. The boy (one of the players characters) is from the darkness clan, but he will help the Princess of light to restore the peace and defeat the Devil. And that's when the game begins. The game features Japanese voice acting for most of the characters.

Manufacturer's description:

Prince of light and fit, love to adventure with her ??sister Serena broke their spirit alive - to rescue simulation RPG. Batoruobushisutemu employed part-time simulation can be highly strategic in any combination up to three times such as move or attack action each turn. Enjoy the spirit of adventure and dramatic unique 5.


Third person perspective.
2D graphics
Cartoon graphics
Medieval Fantasy theme.
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